Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yes, it gets to us, too

Stories of sadness, loss and abuse often affect readers. Truth be told, it affects journalists, too.

We're supposed to be a conduit of truth, unfazed by what we see so that the public can know exactly what's going on. Yes, in the moment there's detachment — you're a professional, doing your job.

But after the adrenaline's gone, what you've seen and known can weigh down the soul.

Press photographer Glenn Moore has been in the middle of such a heartwrenching story, as he has taken photos of the house, numerous warrant searches and all three arraignments in the Tracy Torture Case. His behind-the-lens account can be found here, and it's an insightful look into how even veterans of the business feel their work.

As a journalist, when the story's breaking there's a job to do, and emotion can't get in the way, even on the scene of a grisly accident or horrific tragedy. Afterward, though, is a completely different story.

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