Monday, December 22, 2008

Tracy makes concrete progress


The parking lot for the Tracy multimodal transit station lacks pavement, but drive by the train tracks on Central Avenue and you can clearly see the parking lot's boundaries, as well as the foundation and early skeletal stages of one of the main buildings.

The station could prove an achievement to pair up with the Grand Theatre and City Hall in the city's downtown revitalization, and what's even better, it was paid for the right way.

Though the station should cost more than $12 million, the city will only pay a cool $250K, thanks to city staffers busting their butts to secure grants and other funding for the project.

Of course, this could all go down the toilet if the station isn't used wisely to tie Tracy together and with the rest of the county.

But let's not go there quite yet. Right now, there's plenty to be positive about.

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