Friday, December 5, 2008

Predicting the future, 50 years ago

Back in 1958, a group of local residents foresaw Tracy's future as the Bay Area's bedroom. Too bad no one took their advice in the decades that followed.

A headline in the Jan. 27, 1958, Tracy Press reads: "Committee says Tracy should not become a 'bedroom town'."

The proclamation is courtesy of the Planning Our Progress committee, which evidently understood that the building of the Interstate Triangle (yes, that triangle) would open Tracy up to a future of commuters.

Lo and behold, the prediction came true.

In the wee hours Thursday morning, our current Planning Commission took a bold step to prevent a continuation of that trend. They sent back the proposed Ellis project, which right now does not meet the needs of the city as a whole but could be changed to be a jewel of a development.

Thanks to the majority of the commission, who, like a committe 50 years back, want a better future for Tracy.

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