Friday, December 19, 2008

Use that triangle...

At least it didn't take long for the city of Tracy to start using its $25,000 "Think Inside the Triangle" slogan.

You can see, periodically on the Tracy Press Web site, one of the city's ads using the campaign. Slightly tweaked, it encourages: "Want more jobs in Tracy? Support local businesses... Shop Inside the Triangle."

Nice copy. Could turn out that this slogan -- as derivative and silly as it seemed at first -- could work.

Let's hope.


Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

While friends wrote the slogan and people I respect voted to adopt it, I think it is just doesn't cut it. We eat lunch at the country club, and go to the mall -- both outside of the triangle. The DMV is now outside of the triangle as are the auto dealers. I hope it works, but it is not accurate. How can the City Council regulate Wal-Mart or Winco? They are outside the triabgle. Call me a literalist -- me?

Just moved inside the triangle said...

The area north of Tracy, CA is also associated near the Delta Canals, < and "delta", happens to be another way of saying triangle >.

The idea of inside a triangle isn't literal. It more about the area we call Tracy, CA! The people who live here. The triangle is just an outside association with Tracy because of the three freeways.

Count VanotherTriangle said...

If you look where Tracy, CA is located on the San Joaquin County map, it kind of looks like a triangle in the southwest corner, called South San Joaquin County.

Hey, another triangle!