Monday, December 29, 2008

Black day for golden shores?

California's coast — from its sandy southern beaches to its rocky northern cliffs — is known for its beauty and abundance of life.

It soon might be known also for its oil derricks.

The view off Santa Barbara of drilling platforms emerging from the morning fog might become ubiquitous as the federal ban on coastal drilling expires. (Report courtesy the S.F. Chronicle.)

The state only controls the seabed for only 3 miles off the coast — so no matter how much Californians protest, a drill-friendly federal government could allow the pillaging of the state's offshore oil and gas reserves.

Our state's economy relies heavily on the beauty and natural bounty of the coasts. And drilling for more oil only puts off the day that petroleum is no longer a viable energy option. (Many environmental scientists and entrepreneurs say that day has already come and gone.)

Let's hope the Golden State doesn't become dotted with offshore wells. Some things are more valuable than even black gold.

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