Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Heckuva way to end the year

Those wondering how the local news scene in 2008 would close have their answer: Parking lot turf wars.

After the Press' Wednesday story about a pair of downtown shop owners duking it out over precious parking spaces by towing customers' cars, local news crews decended on the scene.

At least one camera crew has been camped in front of Pete's Liquors and Tarasco market — conveniently located across A Street from the Press office — for the better part of the day.

No known tows yet to report, but it looks like folks are keeping a careful watch on their cars while others wait like hawks for an unsuspecting customer to park in the wrong spot.

Will the turning of the calendar mean a new outlook that wipes away this small-minded feud? Doubt it.

Happy New Year indeed.

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