Saturday, January 19, 2008

This might be called leadership

Check out this quote from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, talking about how he now thinks better of some of the policies he pushed in his first four years in office:

"I have learned a lot of things where I felt one way before I went into office, and all of a sudden you learn things are not quite this way and you change. People call it flip-flopping. I would rather flip-flop when I see something is a wrong idea than get stuck with it and stay with it and keep making the same mistake."

That's how a real leader talks. Wonder if any of the presidential candidates are listening?

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Erdos56 said...

(apologies for being too busy to add fusillades of word salad over past few weeks)

I have to admit to liking The Governator. He does have a rational core. I even think his programmed average-revenue budget smoothing algorithm makes some sense until tax reform can be made a reality (yeah, I know, it ain't gonna happen).