Saturday, January 5, 2008

Please don't lose the ethical point

As I mentioned in a follow-up comment to my Jan. 4 column, a vote made by Mayor Brent Ives in 2002 is still under investigation by the Fair Political Pracitces Commission, according to reliable source and complaintant Mark Connolly. This fact was misrepresented by myself in the original print column -- my apologies for that. I have since updated the Web version of the column.

In a strange twist, I found late Friday that one of the Tracy Press Web site's serial commentors had taken my factual update and posted it on every story on the site. But focusing on that revelation misses the point, to a certain extent.

Regardless, whether that investigation has been settled or is ongoing is besides the point (as is whether the vote by Ives was a big deal or not -- my guess is it's not). The bottom line is that Tracy can only benefit from a comprehensive ethics code. I simply hope that point is not lost.

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