Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday random thoughts ...

• How stupid do they think we are? The White House now says those millions of e-mails it lost either were never missing or never existed. At least the administration doesn't have to worry about a credibility issue — we already know it doesn't have any.

• Listen to the man, Grand Theatre naysayers: Mayor Brent Ives says "The council and community have to be patient with the Grand as it finds its traction." In other words, give the place a chance to work its magic.

• Will testosterone render him unable to make peace with warring nations or make him more likely to act without consulting others? Interesting how male gender stereotypes get no mention, but gender questions about the first viable female candidate for president are considered perfectly appropriate by some pundits.

• Hope they don't end up in the hands of Sunni insurgents: What do you think will happen to the $20 million in arms we just sold to Saudi Arabia?

• No, you lie about it and then go to war: President Bush, saying in a recent interview that pledging to go to war generally doesn't win you elections.

• One under-the-radar presidential candidate is considering me for secretary of state: If you don't believe me, read Mike McLellan's Ethics & Values column in Sunday's Tracy Press. (Although I'm honored, I'm worried the association might sink this guy's shot at the White House).

• Calvin and Hobbes quote of the week: "When you're great, people often mistake candor for bragging."

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