Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Romney fights for his life

Mitt "Made for TV" Romeny has already won the Michigan primary, according to Drudge Report, with about 10 percent of precincts reporting.

It's good news for the Romney camp, because the win will allow his flagging campaign to fight another day. A loss to Sen. John McCain would have galvanized media support and attention for the Vietnam War veteran and solidified his position as frontrunner. It would also have essentially knocked Romney out of top-tier status.

Despite the victory, Romney's chances for netting the GOP nomination are dim. So far in this election, voters have valued authenticity and conviction (or at least the perception of such). That bodes ill for Romney, who's changed his positions more than once (and in a very short time period) and seems to have no problem with it. He makes the 2004 "flip-flop" of Sen. John Kerry look like the stubborn steadfastness of Winston Churchill.

Romney's Tuesday victory will likely only postponing the inevitable.

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