Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sad news for San Joaquin shutterbugs

If you still like your camera with film instead of a memory card, today is a sad day.

The Stockton Record is reporting that Gluskins — a fixture of local photography for some six decades — is closing its doors. It seems that the digital revolution is not without casualties.

I, like many folks who grew up in Stockton, have a personal connection to the family-owned shop. Gluskins developed every single photo that appeared in the St. Mary's High School yearbooks from 1999-2001 (when I was a staff member, copy editor and editor-in-chief). It's where I processed my photos from the 22-day blitz I took through Europe between junior and senior years of high school. It's where I go when my Pentax doesn't seem to work.

Gluskins spent years helping people capture their own history. Now, it's history too.

So if anyone can recommend a good Tracy photo shop, please let me — and other readers — know about it.

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