Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Three's no crowd at City Council meeting

One of the reasons it's been such a quiet news Wednesday (see post below): There were only three members of the City Council at last night's meeting.

Councilmembers Suzanne Tucker, Evelyn Tolbert and Mike Maciel were the only members present at a meeting with an agenda that can only be described as "bare bones."

At the previous meeting there was a suggestion from city staff to forego the meeting, given the sparse nature of the agenda and that Mayor Brent Ives and Councilman Steve Abercrombie wouldn't be able to attend. (Plus, there was one item, a city staff report on traffic connectivity and general mobility in Tracy and its environs, that really could have used the attention of all five council members.)

But the three councilmembers who would be present voted in favor of the April 6 gathering, anyway.

Which doesn't sound so bad, until you consider this: If the city's desperately trying to find ways to save money and reduce staff time, one way might be to cut down on uncecessary meetings.

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