Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Milk was a bad choice...

In honor of Ron Burgundy's poor consumption decisions, I chowed down Wednesday — against my better judgement — on KFC's new health-assaulting creation, the Double Down.

I was soon reminded why they call it "better judgement." (For pictures of this ordeal, see Press photographer Glenn Moore's blog.)

The sandwich is bacon, processed cheese and a mayo-like sauce slathered between two deep-fried chicken breasts.

The sandwich has also got a lot of attention after the fast-food chain rolled it out nationwide recently. The nice lady working at the 11th Street KFC told me that the sandwich has been an exceptional strong seller locally. Guess there's plenty of Tracyites who, like me, can't resist the allure of meat, meat and fatty filling.

It's all salt and grease, with the taste of the chicken blending into the bacon blending into the cheese — and it's not a good blend like a fine Meritage. It was so greasy, that if it hand't been wrapped in paper inside a fast-food box, it would've bled through the paper take-out bag. (And, in one small spot, it still did.)

Maybe it was simply too much for me, a guy who usually considers drinking Classic Coke a dietary indulgence and hits the gym at least thrice weekly. But I also love a good chicken-fried steak, and bacon in my mind occupies its own major food group, so I'm left with the conclusion that this sandwich just isn't that good. All hype.

Still, I'm left with a disconcerting tought: Just like after watching Morgan Spurlock poison his body with 31 days of McDonald's food, I'm partially disgusted, but partially fiending another round.


ramos5000 said...

You're one brave man, robot. Can't wait for your next not-so-smart move! ;D

Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

The pictures made it look good, although Glenn's pictures can make a major wreck look good. That is great Southern food where they die in their early thirties. Reminds me of the deep fat fried fish at a great Cajun cafe outside of New Orleans. Wonderful food and my blood tests will be normal in about ten years if I do not eat there again. Have another unbusy day again soon. This beats reading about what cody01 thinks about journalism and life.

Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

Just read where this sandich(?) has about 30 others ahead of it for worst thing to eat. Heck, it is almost health food.