Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Catching up with the Blue Mexican

This weekend I caught up with Tracy's newest celebrity, Danny Dunne, a retired Tracy cop who now teaches language and literature at my alma mater, St. Mary's High School in Stockton.

Dunne's recent local fame is because of his just-published book, "The Blue Mexican," which has been met with solid reviews both in Tracy and elsewhere.

I saw Dunne holding court about the book in the Stockton Barnes and Noble — he's been on a bit of a book-signing barnstorming tour, having already hit Tracy's B&N.

After explaining to the crowd how his book, set in Tracy, features real-life anecdotes about life as a cop intertwined with fiction of his own making, Dunne told me that the success of his book surprised him. The support, he said, has been beyond anything he could have hoped for — so much so, he said, that he's considering another book.

If they haven't sold out, you should be able to find his book at a local Barnes and Noble or, if you must do so, online at Amazon.com. (One hint if you do go searching, Dunne's pen name is Danny Thomas Ruiz.)

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Anonymous said...

It was very kind and considerate of Jon to comment on my novel. Yes, thanks to the City of Tracy, the novel is doing well. It is a literary piece and some may not be into it, but those who are have given me nothing but positive reviews. Thank you so much. I'll be working on my 2nd one this summer. Be cool.
Danny Dunne, aka Danny Thomas Ruiz, The Blue Mexican