Saturday, April 24, 2010

Leaving downtown

At least one business that's leaving the friendly confines of downtown Tracy is Reich's Medical Supply.

The pharmacy is staying, but the medical supply shop on 10th Street is heading for different pastures -- a place closer to Sutter Tracy Community Hospital.

Two main reasons for this.

One is that, according to the store's manager, it's just not the best fit for the current area. Downtown doesn't have a whole lot of handicapped parking -- and there are plenty of people who need that parking who need medical supplies. Proof, in my mind at least, that while downtown Tracy is a good place to do business (and will eventually be even better), it's not an ideal match for every business under the sun.

Second, the store ownership couldn't get a good enough deal on rent. Which ties into one of today's column topics -- property owners and business owners need to work together if merchants are going to keep their shingles out.

Maybe this one will turn out for the best. But let's hope more businesses aren't on the way out of downtown Tracy.

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