Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Motion pictures — what a grand idea

If you remember opening weekend of the new Grand Theatre, you probably don't recall if for Linda Rognstad's tepid christening of the revitalized venue. You probably remember it for the screening of "Gone With the Wind."

Even though I attended the former and not the latter, the theater was packed with patrons who wanted to see the classic at what used to be Tracy's premier spot to catch a flick. All for the very retro price of 25 cents.

Sadly, such events have been few and far between since the Grand reopened its doors.

But there's good news. Thanks to a capital investment by the city of Tracy, a digital projector will soon be in the Grand's posession, one of the guys working at the theater told me this week.

He suggested that the upcoming season of offerings at the Grand will include plenty of top-notch movies, from old school classics like GWTW to more modern-but-retro hits like "Back to the Future."

It's an idea that was long overdue. And I, for one, can't wait to see Doc Brown and Marty McFly on the downtown silver screen.

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