Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Congressional race keeps on chugging

In the Republican race to see who will challenge Rep. Jerry McNerney in the november elections, former rivals continue to choose sides.

This past week it was Robert Beadles who announced his support, throwing his political weight behind David Harmer, who has launched two unsuccessful congressional campaigns before — in 2009 in a special election for California's 10th District, and in 1996 for Utah's 2nd District.

But Beadles, who said he signed on to be Harmer's campaign co-chairman, thinks this time will be different. Not in small part to what Beadles says is his clout on this side of the Altamont Hills, as Harmer hails from the western edges of the 11th District.

"This one (race) close to home is where I can help the most," he told me last week. "I know the district, I know the people, and I’ll be able to support him 1000 percent.”

As for why he chose Harmer as his choice as the best Republican left in the field, Beadles had this to say: "He’s genuinely a good guy. I know he'd be a zillion times better that McNerney. And out of the four (GOP candidates) still in the race, I think he’s the best qualified.

"I honestly feel that he’ll represent us."

Harmer is tilting against Elizabeth Emken, Tony Amador and Brad Goehring on June 8 for the right to run against McNerney.

McNerney's camp has kept largely quiet about the campaign, probably waiting to see who emerges from the field of GOP contenders before focusing its fire power to defend a Democratic seat in one of the few true swing districts left in the country.

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