Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tracy — ware whee noe how to right

The city and the Mayor's Youth Support Network should be applauded for its unveiling of the Rollin' Rec truck, a unit that brings games and sports activities to kids at parks throughout Tracy.

However, it might have been good for someone to spell-check the truck before sending it out as a modeling tool for kids.
Guess we're good with the "community," "youth," and "network," but we'll have to wait for the "support" to get fully up to speed.
Thanks to our photographer Glenn Moore for the picture, who also posted the pic on his blog.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, stems from a culture of bad spelling, grammar and punctuation led by Tucker and Abercrombie. They actually submitted a rebuttal argument to term limits that had to be corrected from the dais at Tuesday's Council meeting.