Thursday, August 14, 2008

Heat-relief center closed due to extreme heat

The Lolly Hansen Senior Center — the city's designated cooling center for seniors, the disabled and anyone else without working A/C — should be open today, what with the 100-degree temperatures and all. Also, the city said in a press release earlier this week it'd be open, at least for Thursday, because of the predicted heat.

Someone forgot to tell the guys supplying the power.

The senior center closed down Thursday because of a "brownout" — electric company speak for a planned outage under peak loads or a euphemism for a power failure.

In case of the former: I guess no one thought that the city's cooling center might be a priority if thousands of homes are blasting the A/C because of a heat wave. In the case of the latter: Oops.

Either way, folks counting on the city to help them keep cool today are out of luck.

News Editor Eric Firpo is on the story and will have more as information comes in. Check for any updates.

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