Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday random thoughts...

• Let's not hear this idea in the comments section ever again: Annexing Mountain House into the Tracy fold would be unwieldy, impractical, controversial and ultimately a very, very bad idea.

• Mococo monkey wrench: If Union Pacific resurrects the Mococo rail line through the heart of Tracy as a major frieght line, don't just say goodbye to peace, quiet and not waiting at rail crossings. Say goodbye to using the downtown transit station for passenger transport.

• Presidential race update of the week:
Tracy's own ethics guru Mike McLellan is still running (it's a beneath-the-radar type campaign), and he'll update us on his unique platform in the coming weeks.

• 'Postal Service' no longer an oxymoron?
It's easy to vote by mail, thanks to the post office. Just fill out and send back a form that's being mailed out this week, and get your ballot in October.

• 'Tracy planning,' however, still might be: At last report, The Surland Cos. stands to gain 1,600 residential growth allotments that can be used anywhere in the city — or sold to any other developer — in addition to a couple thousand more for the Ellis project.

• Calvin and Hobbes quote of the week: "Do you think babies are born sinful? That they come into the world as sinners?" "No, I think they're just quick studies."

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