Thursday, August 21, 2008

Let them race!

Altamont Motorsports Park has been the lone local raceway since the Stockton Speedway shut down after the 2006 season. But local racers like the Philpotts might have a chance to run the longtime track once again.

The housing development that was supposed to spring up in the oval's place never materialized (also saving, according to my friend and course superintendent Antonio Garcia, the neighboring Oakmoore Golf Course, a hidden gem in East Stockton that was essentially my second home as a teenager).

Now that the golf course — and its 400-year-young valley oak trees — will continue hosting duffers, it's time for the Speedway to get those cars back on the short track.

Thankfully, Tony and Carol Noceti of French Camp should have drivers starting their engines by March. (For more on the Nocetis, read the story here).

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