Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday random thoughts...

• Finally, incentives to stop the sprawl: If the bill in this story is passed, maybe developers and cities would finally have a reason to stick to smart growth besides mere common sense.

• As far as Plan Bs go, it's not half bad: Since people seem unwilling to pay more for fire protection, and since a higher level of "accepted risk tolerance" for disaster shouldn't really be an option, the idea of augmenting buying power and manpower by combining local fire agencies might be the best bet.

• The Delta's final defense? The final public hearing for feedback regarding a Peripheral Canal has come and gone. Bet the incessant pleas of valley farmers and Delta-dependents go unheard compared to the political muscle of Parts Previously Unwatered.

• Tall order — filled: It's hard to believe Sen. Barack Obama actually topped his 2004 convention address, but he did.

• But talk about stealing thunder: Sen. John McCain's pick of a woman, and a relative unknown to most "expert" politicos, as running mate the next morning was an unexpected master stroke.

• Back to normal: Anyone else feel like China during the Olympics was just like a kid sweeping his toys under the bed when told to clean up his room?

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Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

1) Loyola Marymount University was named one of the top small universities in the nation by US News
2) I think McCain's choice looks like it is opportunitist and he is using someone in order to win. I am glad that a woman has been designated, but the timing would have been better if done last week.