Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday random thoughts...

• Let the Games begin! The Olympics are upon us, and I'm thankful. No, seriously.

• USA! USA! USA! Just as usual, but especially because of the home country's civil rights record, I'll be rooting for the red white and blue to top the medal charts. But it's a little harder to cheer when you suspect even your own stars are doing more than just eating their Wheaties.

• A Grand struggle begins? A recent City Council meeting showed there might be more going on at the Grand Theatre than you can see from Central Avenue.

• Something for our city planners to consider: Stockton, also trying to revitalize its downtown, is struggling with parking problems.

• One more downtown thought to think about: All successful downtowns share one common feature -- they have a mix of retail, restaraunts and businesses. (Which makes earlier suggestions of an all-retail downtown Tracy seem kinda silly.)

• Calvin and Hobbes quote of the week: "That's the problem with life. It rolls along with speed you can't control. You can't go faster or slower. Fun experiences always go roaring by, while bad experiences never pass quickly enough." ... "It's not the pace of life I mind, it's the sudden stop at the end."

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