Monday, May 24, 2010

Wine yes, lines no

"Shoot me now," said one worker at the Friday Spring Wine Stroll to Press photographer Glenn Moore as the evening got under way. The problem: lines that reached Space Mountain proportions marring what was otherwise reportedly a lovely time in downtown Tracy.

Evidently, there was a backlog as people exchanged their tickets for wine glasses — a new tact that hadn't ever before been used at the stroll, as people before always purchased their glasses directly.

At the exchange table — where people turned in their tickets, were ID'd and given identifying wrist bracelets before picking up their glasses — the process didn't work as well as had been previously hoped, and lines grew so long that Glenn couldn't help but take pictures to tell the story.

I hope that before the next stroll rolls around, organizers either return to the old method or figure out how to speed up the ticket-glass exchange. Because it's just wrong to keep folks from their booze.

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