Friday, May 21, 2010

A sign of progress

This from Larry Hite, City Council candidate, regarding Tracy's slow but noticeable progress when it comes to self-promotion:

"After years of badgering city hall and the city council to start putting up 'banners' to advertise citywide events (to attract people to our city to spend their money), I noticed today that a big banner is stretched across the center divider on 11th Street at Lammers Road advertising the Wine Stroll!

"This is fantastic......we have actually 'cracked the eggshell' as Mayor Brent Ives would put it, and we are making progress toward telling the outside world about Tracy and its local events. Now we just need to keep the pressure on to make sure they put up banners for all events.... ie, Fourth of July, Bean Festival, etc.

"This is a HUGE victory for business in Tracy!"

I'll disagree on one point. It's perhaps a modest victory. But — huzzah — a victory nonetheless.

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