Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're all wet

If you're thinking that this has been a pretty strange May —especially compared to last year — you're not alone. The statistics are with you.

According to the Tracy Press rain guage, since the end of March we've received 2.1 inches of rain — quite a bit more than the .9 inches we saw in the same time period in 2009. In fact, that 2.1 inches is a full 30 percent of last year's annual total.

Factor in the constant winds and relatively cool weather — have we even had a day in the 90s? — this has been a May for the books.

Which is nice, if you like spring weather or you're counting the drops in Sierra reservoirs like a hawk. But if you're chafing for shorts, sandals and warm Delta breezes — or a farmer whose crop could be ruined by a late rain — chances are you're pretty set for summer to arrive.

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