Thursday, May 20, 2010

Downtown on display -- again

Every year, downtown Tracy -- still in the midst of a major redevelopment effort -- gets several chances to put its best foot forward. Perhaps its best one is coming up Friday.

The Wine Stroll is an annual tradition in which the good businesses in downtown Tracy -- with help from the city, and soon help from the new Downtown Business Alliance -- open their doors and pour fine local vino for fine local residents who want to get plastered. With class.

Aside from the obvious Bacchanalian revelry, the very cool social vibe and the opportunity to refine one's palate, the annual stroll allows downtown Tracy to shine.

Despite its documented flaws, when pumped with a bit of 70s rock and soulful jazz and populated with a couple thousand friendly folks, the soul of Tracy's historic heart comes out to play. It's a taste of what downtown could be if revitalization is shepherded in the right direction. And it wears quite well.

So if you can afford a babysitter and $25 for an evening-of ticket, come on down. And if you need a last-ditch DD, hit me up. I'll be working at the Press office.

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