Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A stimulating plan

The economic stimulus package winding its way through Congress toward President Obama's desk throws a bone to the Central Valley — one of the most overlooked places when it comes to federal spending.

Specifically, $50 million could be set aside for Delta restoration projects — including strengthened levees, fish protection and habitat restoration.

That could be both good for the ailing Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and for those who could be put to work on these local projects.

The catch: The House's $819 billion bill doesn't include the said $50M. It is found only in the Senate bill. And, even if it passes the upper house, the provision could be dropped when the two pieces of legislation are reconciled.

I have no idea if this giant stimulus bill is what we need to save the nation's economy. (If it puts millions to work like FDR's New Deal programs did, it will be deemed a giant success.) But if the stimulus passes — for good or bad — at the very least our traditionally economically depressed region should get some of the money.

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