Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bad news for the Bay Area

The San Francisco Chronicle — the self-proclaimed "voice of the west" — could soon be sold by parent Hearst Newspapers. Or shut down altogether.

It would be a sad day for the city if the Chronicle closes shop. But the large daily is bleeding red ink — to the tune of $50 million in 2008.

Efforts to save the paper are under way — management is seeking many changes, including a reduction in pay for nonunion and union employees alike (good luck with that, although the threat of shutting down the paper is a good bargaining chip even if it's not a serious option).

Whatever the plan is, I hope it works. I have a personal affinity for the publication. It's the traditional Saturday companion when my girlfriend and I chow down to eggs and bacon at one of our local greasy spoons.

However, the prospects of a turnaround look bleak. As she put it: "I knew it was coming, but boy does this feel like the possible loss of a good friend..."


Danielle said...

I heard! Urgh, this is bad news. Why don't we pool our resources and buy it, Jon? I'm looking for an excuse to move back to the Bay Area, and I've always dreamed of working at The Chronicle. Now we just need some cash, Hmm ...

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