Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Buying in, or selling out?

It's difficult to argue at first with the City Council's 3-1 decision to allow staff to sell the naming rights of city centers.

After all, a projected $4.3 million budget gap is a serious problem, and it isn't like structures with historic names will be re-named. Money for monikers — it makes sense.

But then, consider dissenter Evelyn Tolbert, the councilwoman who rushed to the defense of the things you can't put a price tag on.

Among other things, she said, this vote would "(change) the very fiber of our community. We'll throw out a lot of things that have made Tracy Tracy."

In other words, the city would not just be selling out. It would be selling a piece of its soul.

Thanks, Councilwoman Tolbert, for reminding us that some things come with a price tag that isn't expressed in dollars.


Cathy D said...

I agree with Evelyn Tolbert. Exactly what buildings and other structures or parks around Tracy need renaming?

Anonymous said...

Where was she when they named the Grand Theatre's main theatre after Eleni Tsakapoulous? Asleep at the wheel.