Wednesday, July 30, 2008

News from the home(less) front

For those in the know, it's no secret that San Joaquin County has a homeless problem to go with its unemployment and crime issues — aka the Trifecta of Urban Decay.

But at least nationally, progress is being made.

This report, via USA Today, indicates that the number of chronically homeless individuals is declining. (The statistics are imperfect, because they don't include homeless families or those experiencing a single episode of homelessness, but we'll take progress where we can get it.)

Officials say one of the reasons the number is declining is because the ways of measuring — and therefore targeting — the homeless are improving. No thanks to the city of Tracy.

During the annual nationwide homeless count (mandated by Congress, by the way), the city was dutifully uninvolved with the proceedings. Luckily, a few local agencies took up the slack.

When the next count rolls around, the city should jump at the chance to build on a good-news national trend. Or maybe we can just pretend that homelessness is a problem for someone else. Namely, the homeless.

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