Saturday, July 5, 2008

A cool place for a takeoff

Today's column about the Tracy Municipal Airport just wasn't big enough to include some of the other cool things happening south of the city:

• Get Real Behind the Wheel founder Ken Ucci and the Altamont Motorspots Park are talking with the city to use some of the taxi lanes for a teen driving and racing course.

• It was also the site of this year's hazardous waste collection day, when folks turn in their busted electronics for proper disposal.

• American Legion Park, named in honor of the group who founded the airport in 1929, is a peaceful (though slightly windswept) place to watch takeoffs and landings.

• Corporate VIPs aren't the only precious cargo flying into Tracy. Just the other day, a waiting ambulance took a few freshly landed organs to a waiting recipient. I'm sure he or she was thankful for TMA that day.

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