Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday random thoughts

• This might be something important: The city's growth management ordinance is under review Tuesday evening at City Hall. Those concerned about which developers will have first dibs at building here would do well to show up.

• One is better than two: The South County Fire Authority is continuing talks with the Lathrop Fire Department to merge the two units. While that could improve resources and response times, Steve Abercrombie, councilman and SCFA board member, says there are still plenty of details to be hammered out.

• I wonder what John McCain says to this: Iraq's own prime minister agrees with Barack Obama that a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops from the country is necessary for security.

• Guess the recession is more than "mental," eh Phil Gramm? IndyMac Bank became the second-largest financial institution to close in the history of the country because of tight credit and the foreclosure crisis.

• People complain about Tracy's recent violent crime "wave", but...: Have you even checked out Stockton? If there isn't a stabbing or shooting, it's been a really great day.

• Can't we please, please decide to find something better? The city's "Think Inside the Triangle" brand idea could be up for a vote Tuesday. Here's hoping sanity — and good taste — prevail.

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