Friday, March 12, 2010

Up in smoke

Remember this conversation, started by the Marc Shishido fiasco and the opening of a medical marijuana dispensary in Stockton?

Well, we know how at least one of those sagas turned out. The Stockton City Council put the kibbosh on the city's dispensary, revoking its business license because it did not specifically list "marijuana sales" as part of its application. (However, Second Thoughts understands that the somewhat euphemistic "herbal remedies" was part of the license.)

What does that mean for Tracy and dispensaries?

It could make Tracy seem like a better place to open a legal pot shop, since there wouldn't be any close-by, in-county competition. It could also help set a local precedent, making leaders here less likely to take the first foray into welcoming such operations with open arms.

For now, the status quo remains, and patients will have to get their Purple Kush on the down-low, instead of on the up-and-up.

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