Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have a pint pulled in Tracy

This being the day many Americans set aside their normal responsibilities to drink themselves silly celebrate the country's Irish heritage, we realize there's a question that rationally follows: Where's the best place in Tracy to have a pint pulled in honor of St. Patrick?

Since the corporate faux pub Firkin & Beaver closed, Tracy's really only got one appropriately themed watering hole for March 17: The Shamrock, located a stone's throw from the Press. It's the one with the upside-down sign hanging over 11th Street (and yes, it's supposed to be that way).

If you're looking for Guinness on tap, however, your best bet is just a quick crawl from The Sham: Helm's Ale House, which has an impressive array of on-tap selections (and none of that thin foreign-owned stuff, either.)

So find a driver, put on your drinking shoes and raise a glass! Responsibly, of course. We don't want to see you in the daily Police Log.

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