Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our very own UFO

The best call of the week (so far) came Monday night on my cell phone.

An excited man told me he had the "story of the century": There were lights in the sky — maybe a UFO — and he had the video to back him up. Unfortunately, he didn't come by the Press this morning to share.

Not that he's alone. Plenty people called the Press saying they'd seen various lights in the Monday night sky southeast of the city.

The most vivid description came from a man whom I talked to in the Press lobby. He described a rotating dark blue light hovering above a field off Chrisman Road, with the light becoming stronger or fainter depending on how fast the oval, saucer-shaped thing spun. Far from looking or sounding crazy, he said that he brought several other people out to witness the strange event, and that there were plenty of folks who observed the exact same thing and would corroberate his testimony.

He was totally sincere, and — let me repeat — did not seem crazy.

It's clear that these people saw something — and Second Thoughts would love to get its hands on video footage, if it exists.

Left to make stabs in the dark, I'm guessing one of three things:

• This is just another reminder that we all need to take our perscription medication.

• Someone, somewhere, has a lot of explaining to do about their latest "science project."

• Aliens from Nebular 5x are secretly plotting our demise.

Tongue-in-cheek aside, what's certain is that something pretty strange went on Monday night, though exactly what that is is anyone's guess.

Personally, I'm betting on the Nebular 5x guys.

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