Tuesday, November 10, 2009

City Council campaign kickoff

Larry Hite, the inspector/contractor/frequent contributor to the Tracy Press Voice section, is taking another stab at the City Council in 2010.

Hite's been a feature of local races the past two election cycles — bowing out of the mayor's race in deference to Brent Ives in 2006, and losing to Mike Maciel and Steve Abercrombie in the 2008 go-around.

This year, he'll be seeking one of two seats up for grabs, that of Vice Mayor Suzanne Tucker or Councilwoman Evelyn Tolbert. Hite's first fundraiser is scheduled for Dec. 9 at Famous Dave's.

In other campaign news, this space has heard rumors that Tolbert might not seek another term. Though Second Thoughts didn't endorse her for mayor in 2008, she's a strong, smart member of the council, and this space hopes she decides to defend her seat.

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