Friday, November 20, 2009

Expert reveals brutal details of Tracy crime

This is one story we didn't get into Saturday's paper, but probably should have.

The accused killers of Tracy resident Cynthia Ramos didn't come out of a Thursday court hearing looking like particularly sympathetic defendants. Not after a forensic expert gave enough brutal testimony to convince a judge that Robert Morgan and his partner, Jorge Morgan, should stand trial.

There's a reason I say "brutal."

The forensic expert testified that Ramos was stabbed 55 times, bludgeoned 13 times and strangled with some type of small rope.

What was done to Ramos was so bad that original reports said that she was beaten. There was too much damage to even tell what happened until later.

Remember, the two Morgans are still only suspected of the crime. They're not guilty until proven so in a court of law.

If they are, though, I expect plenty of people will want to see them fry.

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tweetyb said...

Thank you Jon Mendelson for your blog on the outcome from the preliminary hearing for my mother in law Cynthia Ramos, albeit a little late. I wrote a letter to your editor regarding the lack of coverage the Press has shown through out the last 4-5 court dates that we've continually had to attend because the defendants felt that the court/jail/prosecutors were trying to infringe on their rights.In the beginning court proceedings, we could count on seeing Jennifer Wadsworth sitting along side us, but apparently she's gone and no one has replaced her in that seat. We would like to think that a crime as horrific, brutal and senseless as Mom's should stay in the public eye so that the community is aware of the Monsters that live amongst us and when it comes time for punishment, they have an opinion (whether They want to see them fry )as well as the family. Thanks for listening and please continue to keep Cynthia Ramos name ALIVE in her community as we will always keep her ALIVE in our hearts.
Thank You.