Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Naming Tracy's transit station

The transit hub soon to rise from the dirt of the Bow Tie area will soon have a name. More than 40 suggestions were sent to a committee, and the committee winnowed it down to three selections up for City Council approval Tuesday:

• Tracy Ellis Station:
Not a reference to the controversial megadevelopment, the name is meant to evoke Tracy's historic railroad past. Ellis was the name of the original Central Pacific coaling station at the foot of the Altamont Pass. When the Mococo line was build, Ellis was disbanded and literally moved to Tracy.

• Tracy Transit Plaza:
A straightforward, solid name that tells you exactly what it's there for. Along the lines of Grand Central Station.

• Tracy Multimodal Station:
Signifies... well... nothing. The same unweildy and bureaucratic name given to the project at its outset. I can't imagine why this suggestion made the cut.

The winner is... none of the above. Say hello to the "Tracy Transit Station." Technically, the pre-meeting No. 2 won, but with a minor tweak. Read the full story here.

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