Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday random thoughts...

• Sprawlers are on notice. Wonder if Tracy's paying attention? Stockton's general plan, which would double the city's population in 40 years or so, was shot down by the state's attorney general. A legal settlement agreed to by the city leaders requires the city to focus on infill growth and downtown development.

• Who's the winner in local power plays? The valley is projected to be California's fastest-growing region in coming years, so putting a couple power plants near Tracy makes sense. Of course, even the cleanest fossil-fuel burner doesn't make a good neighbor.

• A welcome green plank in the platform: Mayoral candidate Celeste Garamendi has trotted out several ideas for improving Tracy's sustainability. Not all of them are novel or original (such as the antenna farm solar array), but they all have merit.

• When the corn turns golden, so does the weather: Waving goodbye to the summer heat feels pretty good.

• The scum always rises, right? San Joaquin County's most infamous Death Row inmate is back in the news. If I didn't oppose it on principal, I'd administer the injection myself.

• There's nothing like secondhand experience: Helping someone who's been on crutches the past four weeks has really given me an appreciation for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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