Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Campaign economics

I made a serious mistake.

I took Sen. John McCain at his word while writing this column, but now I realize it's obvious that, as president, he would not, as he pledged in a widely read op-ed penned with Gov. Sarah Palin, be up to the task of guiding our market economy.

It's McCain, not Sen. Barack Obama, who's long on bluster and short on answers when it comes to the economy. Obama has an actual plan and understanding of why the economy is in the midst of its current tank job. Just this week, McCain said the economy was fundamentally strong.

Maybe for him, he of the many houses.

In reality, McCain has been a champion of dogmatic deregulation whether it made sense or not. Yet now that it's a popular point of view, he would have us believe he is the one to bring modern, effective regulation to Wall Street.

Meanwhile, Obama's been touting meaningful financial market reform for the duration of his campaign.

Who are you going to trust your money with?

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Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

I like the new links to the blogs on the TP site. I also want to speak in defense of Senator McCain not knowing how many homes he owns. I don't know how many I own either and for the same reason -- no, not because McCain and I are rich, but because we are old. (I think I have one, by the way, or maybe two.) We forget things.