Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cartography confusion

The California government, in its quest to help people, has released flood maps to help homeowners identify if they're likely to need sandbags and a sump pump this spring. But, as usual, the state is just making matters worse.

Thing is, these state maps don't align with the Federal Emergency Management Agency's flood maps, the ones that are being used to determine who must buy flood insurance and who doesn't.

(If you live in Tracy, chances are you're safe. Lathrop residents, however, might want to invest in canoes. See the FEMA map for San Joaquin County here if you're curious.)

It'd be nice if these kind of things could line up. But remember, this is the California government we're talking about. The one with an annual months-late budget that consistently ignores the primary rule of budgets: don't spend more than you make.

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