Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday random thoughts

Worst. Management. Ever: San Joaquin Delta College trustees and the Mountain House satellite campus.

Heads must roll for this: The above-linked grand jury report concludes that Delta wasted several years and millions of taxpayer dollars because of incompetence. There's just no nice way to put it.

A project that Tracy can actually afford: The multimodal station will only cost the city $250,000. Not bad for a project with a total price tag topping $12 million.

Weak. Timid. Spineless: How the San Francisco Chronicle characterized the Democratic House kowtowing to the Bush administration in passing wiretapping legislation. I couldn't agree more. Those wusses.

It's not just John McCain who's had a change of thought: Now that gas is topping $4.50 in some places, plenty of folks are reconsidering bans on oil drilling in Alaska and on California's coast.

The Tracy Press, watchdog of the daily grind: Before this story, Home Depot had no idea it was breaking city law. Thanks to the report and the company's quick action, it's now in compliance.

Anyone else see the problem with this logic? Marriage as a religious institution between man and woman only, OK. I'll hang with that. But the state -- that would be the government of all things secular -- has no right defining marriage based on the religious leanings of one group, even if that group is a majority.

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