Monday, June 9, 2008

Another salvo in the water wars

Lois Wolk, who's running to represent these parts in the 5th State Senate District, is author of a bill in the Legislature that would have profound effect on the Delta. And the state and federal Delta-water export process.

Problem is, with every effort to clean up the Delta and keep water in it to sustain some type of ecosystem, farmers and cities to the south are robbed of water.

Now, I could care less if Los Angelinos have to let their plush lawns go brown ( you wouldn't believe how green the swanky Hancock Park neighborhood is where the mayor lives). But when farmers can't water the crops that provide food for the country, we have a problem.

We're faced with the question of how to do both — get more water to farmers and more water into the Delta. Otherwise the crops will wither and the Delta completes its deathmarch.

Impossible you say? Let's hope not.

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