Saturday, June 7, 2008

The best of the blotter

The Police Log is a popular item among Press readers — as well as the editors. We found a few prepping Saturday's paper that will require a stiff drink to get over ...

• A woman reported her boyfriend took her 1995 Nissan Sentra a month ago and has not returned it. She suspects he may have sold it to someone and said she would file an embezzlement report if the car goes unreturned. (If it's been missing for a month, what hope do you have? And how is this man still your boyfriend if he's had your car unseen for a month?)

• Police arrested a man after a caller reported a fight at The Shamrock. (Glad I went to Ralph's that night.)

• A woman reported a group of Pakistani men have been meeting in Larsen park for a couple of months and she thinks they might be terrorists who are "monitoring traffic and casing the area." (Thank goodness — these guys might be the next Osama bin Ladins, right here in target-rich Tracy! I will now sleep better at night knowing someone's on the case.)

• A caller reported a woman "having loud intercourse in an upstairs apartment" The caller said she asked the woman to be quiet, but she just kept yelling. Dispatchers noted that they could hear noise over the phone. (My guess is neither party here was too thrilled about the interruptions.)

• A caller from Save Mart reported developing pictures ... of kids and a naked man. Police determined there were no kids in the photos, but that a man took pictures of his penis. (Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

Until our next reminder to take our prescription medication, be sane, be safe, and try to stay out of the blotter.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of drawing attention to the fact that MOST of the legitimate crime reports never make it to the Police Blotter, let's make a mockery of the calls that did make it. That'll bring about a change in this town. Irresponsible journalism at it's best. Give a kid a computer, and suddenly he has the right insult the residents of the town he works for. Try your hand at REAL journalism, and spend less time on your meaningless blog.