Friday, June 20, 2008

Big Delta deal, or no Delta deal?

One of two local congressional candidates has been touched by the Delta College Mountain House debacle.

The grand jury report excorciating the Board of Trustees said, in part:

"The day after this closed-session meeting, phone calls and a faxed letter indicated that one or more board members had relayed confidential, closed-session information about the 'breach of contract' discussion to the developer and his consultant. If true, this is a violation of the Brown Act."

Turns out that consultant, assuming the credibility of this report, was none other than Dean Andal, who's running to unseat Rep. Jerry McNerney this fall.

It's fair to say that Andal had nothing to do with possibly violating the Brown Act. That's solely on the head(s) of the unnamed trustee(s) who relayed the confidential info.

However, it is fair to ask what role Andal played in a continuing effort to push a Mountain House satellite campus that has cost taxpayers millions of dollars and cost students several semesters that could have been spent in classrooms.

We'll have more when more develops.

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