Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday random thoughts ...

• Thin ballot, thick responsibility: Don't let the lack of heft fool you, the June 3 election is as important as any other. (Although that's probably not the encouragement Apathetic America needs.)

• If you vote for the same thing, you don't really deserve change: An alternative translation of the GOP's "The change you deserve" 2008 campaign theme.

Who woulda thought it'd work like that? For years, enlightened economists have said higher prices would be the only thing that would make Americans rethink their wanton use of gas and oil. Hmmmm.

• But guard your gas tanks: More and more crooks are getting their fuel fix by siphoning — or just plain drilling into — the gas tanks of others. Bonus points for anyone who engineers a painful (but nonlethal) means of deterrence.

• Cheerio, BA: I finally found a gift to send to British Airways. (Although they did send my dad and I a very nice credit for a future trip — anything to get us back to Terminal 5, I guess.)

• If you thought it's only 'bums' who frequent food banks: Check this AP story.

Calling all Bean Fiends: The deadline to submit your best bet for the Name the Bean Theme contest is this weekend. Send them to, or regale the blog with your legume genius.

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Anonymous said...

Does it bother anyone there that this person is going after your paper's credibility?