Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday random thoughts...

• Another reason sprawling growth is bad #1: If Ellis and Tracy Hills are built, we'll need an estimated three new fire stations, according to William Kirchhoff's assessment of our fire agencies.

• Another reason sprawling growth is bad #2: The same report says not counting those three stations, we need two additional fire houses just to adequately protect the West Valley Mall, the Gateway project and John C. Kimball High School.

• Not a good statistic: Compared to other local cities, Tracy has the lowest firefighter-to-citizen ratio, though that stat gets better if the South County Fire Authority is taken as a whole.

• I'm with President Bush all the way on this one: He's planned to veto the bloated Farm Bill, which, while it does provide a much-needed boost in food assistance programs, still gives away far too much money to corporate farms already enjoying record high crop prices.

• News alert: Talking head actually challenges more obnoxious talking head to fact-check! Chris Matthews, in this video. (Watch the whole thing. Trust me, it's worth it. Though if you're impatient, the money quote is at 3 minutes.)

• Irony of the week: Ever notice how subdivisions are often named for the places destroyed to make room for them?

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