Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Random Thoughts ...

• Back to your regularly scheduled program: The president is asking for $70 billion more dollars to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't worry, though. While voting to support our misadventure with their right hands, Democrats will vigorously shake their left hands in menacing disapproval.

These guys need an advisor or something: If you're trying to secure rights in the United States, you might not want a Mexican flag as your rally's primary symbolic vehicle.

• Breathe deep, smell the pander: While Hillary Clinton and John McCain want to spend more money we don't have on a gax-tax holiday that won't spell relief for consumers, Barack Obama certainly looks capable of telling Americans hard truths. Or, as Clinton and McCain would say, someone who can lead on Day 1.

• Blast from the Past I: Californians might have to start rationing water, recalling the drought years in the early 1990s.

• Blast from the Past II: Lines are growing at the city's cheapest gas stations, recalling the oil embargo days of the 1970s.

• Relay reminder: The Relay For Life begins Saturday at 10 a.m. at Peter B. Kyne Field. If you're not going, assuage your guilty conscience by donating to the Tracy Press relay team!

• Alert readers, have your voices heard! The contest to decide the Tracy Dry Bean Festival's theme is ongoing. Send your suggestions to this blog or to

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