Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday random thoughts...

• Slow on the draw: Celeste Garamendi officially launched her campaign for Tracy mayor Thursday, but the race has been going on for some time. Mayor Brent Ives, at least, has plugged his "Let's all work together" theme and taken shots at slow-growthers, even in his State of the City address.

• An open government theme from Garamendi? How refreshing: The Tracy Press e-mail case against the city and Councilwoman Suzanne Tucker will be heard in Sacramento court May 20. You know I'll be there.

• Welcome, Leon Churchill Jr. You can proceed to not follow your predecessor: Let's hope that the city's internal inertia hasn't already pushed over Tracy's newest hire.

• In other words, we're completely hosed: Read the first section of this report, a capsule of the alliances, battles and strategies of the past few years in Iraq, and tell me if you come to a more optimistic conclusion.

• Because kids need someone to emulate who is grossly overpaid and doesn't have to worry about losing his job: Barry Zito.

• Why couldn't Oliver Stone just let the history of incompetence speak for itself? "W," the upcoming movie.

• The "Name the Bean Theme" contest continues: Send your suggestions for the theme of the Tracy Dry Bean Festival to

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